#22: Great British Menu Drinking Game

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Drink: Gin

The BBC’s Great British Menu is back in our lives, and fantastic as ever. But if watching arrogant chefs covering pigeon kidneys with a tarragon foam and sweetbread emulsion is starting to drag, crack open a bottle of gin and play the Kettle Thoughts Unofficial GB Menu Drinking Game.

The Rules

Two fingers/one sip of drink for every time someone says:

  1. “Ground Breaking”
  2. “Olympic”
  3. “Molecular Gastronomy”
  4. “Banquet”
  5. “Foam”
  6. “Sweetbreads”

Every time someone does “classic cooking with a modern twist”

Every time someone uses a clichéd sporting metaphor

Every time Oliver and Matthew argue about a dish

Every time someone meets a local grower or sporting personality

Every time a chef tells the waiters to “be careful” with their dishes (or anything similar)


If someone uses ‘Sea Buckthorn’ or ‘Douglas Fir’, finish your drink

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2 thoughts on “#22: Great British Menu Drinking Game

  1. Andy Frith says:

    Thank god you didn’t include “Pushing the boundaries” otherwise I’m fairly certain I’d be dead from alcohol poisoning by now.

    • oliverpreston says:

      And perhaps also every time the chefs are supposedly psyching each other out according to the narrator?

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